Growing in Faith Together (GIFT)

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How Does GIFT Work?

GIFT Faith Formation and Sacrament Preparation (one program, two tracks) is a family-based weekly program taught by parents to their children at home with monthly support classes at the Church for both parents and children in pre-school through grade 6. The Sacrament of First Reconciliation is received in the winter, and the Sacrament of First Holy Communion is received in the spring for children in grades 2-3. (Sacrament preparation for children in grade 3 who have not been in faith formation, and children/youth in grades 4-12 are invited to enroll in RCIC. Contact Ginger Giesen.)

The uniqueness and beauty of GIFT is that the entire family is engaged in learning the treasure of our Catholic Faith using full and rich materials which provide, along with regular reception of the sacraments, a foundation for building up the Domestic Church in the home.

The goal of GIFT is to help families deepen their love for Jesus Christ, so all members of the family may become life-long intentional disciples of Jesus in His Church.

For the  family fee of $115.00 (no fee for Catechists), click here and return a complete registration packet to the faith formation office by August 31st!

For more information on GIFT Sacrament Preparation or RCIC:

Ginger Giesen, Director of Discipleship or 720-419-0126

For more information on GIFT Faith Formation:

Roberta Marsh, Head Catechist or 720-419-0127

For additional information about the Sacramental Preparation 2017 – 2018 classes, please contact

Ginger Giesen, Director of Discipleship, or (720) 419-0126