Engaging the minds of women and girls through programs of prayer and study so they may grow in love for Christ and His Church and effectively pass on Catholic values to the world at large.

Who We Are:

Endow was founded over a decade ago by three women from Denver who were inspired to share Pope St. John Paul II’s teaching on woman’s dignity and the unique gifts that women bring to society.

Endow trains women to become facilitators and provides resources for them to invite women in their community to join them in studying the teachings of the Cathlic Church and the lives of the saints.

Who can participate:

Groups range from 8 to 12 participants who meet here at Pax Christi from mid-August to mid-April on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Wednesdays of each month.

Recognizing that middle school and high school are ground zero in the battle against authentic femininity Endow created a three part middle school series entitled ‘Girl Genius’ and a follow up high school study entitled ‘True Beauty Revealed.’ These studies provide a forum for girls to encounter the truth about their dignity in their formative years and equip them to recognize the lies already told them that they are not enough.

When do we meet:

We have a morning and an evening group.