Love of God and Love of Neighbor


This worldwide ministry was founded in the 19th century by Frederic Ozanam. In the United States there are 96,000 members helping 14 million people with $375,000 each year (and growing!). Our Pax Christi conference, one of 32 in the metro Denver council, was formed in 2011 and is supported by the parish. Our members (Vincentians) visit neighbors in need in their homes and provide financial assistance for shelter, utilities and food, as well as spiritual fortitude. We grow closer to God by seeing the face of Christ in each of our suffering neighbors. Monthly meetings provide spiritual formation and organization of our services.

Who Are Vincentians:

We are people just like you. Vincentians are doctors, office workers, lawyers, factory workers, housewives, students, retirees – people just like you. Your next door neighbor could very well be a Vincentian and you might never know it. Vincentians are not professionally trained social workers. The important thing is the desire to serve as Jesus served – with unconditional love.

Time Commitment:

You say how much time can you give. Anyone who is willing to lend a hand is welcome to join the Society.. Monthly meetings (2 hr) on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm; On call and home visit work 1 week (Monday-Friday) every 6 weeks (2-8 hours/week).

Additional Time Commitment:

One time initial training: 2 hrs; Optional Denver council meetings and training are available (2-8 hrs each quarter). Leadership positions are also available in the parish conference and the Denver council level.

Home Visits:

We go in pairs as Jesus taught us. All calls are made in pairs to avoid any perception of impropriety and to help our Friends in Need feel more at ease. We promote dignity and respect. Persons are to be met “on an equal basis” at their level, never looked down on and always with the thought that they are our brother and sisters in Jesus Christ. Confidentially is honored.

Service Area:

Pax Christi serves the northern Douglas County area, primarily Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, City of Castle Pines and Roxborough.


Financing of our Conference comes from the parish collections, our poor box and donations made directly to our ministry.

The Two Great Commandments:

The purpose of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul is to fulfill the two great commandments – Love of God and love of neighbor. We seek to grow spiritually in our meetings and through prayer and sharing of our faith. We develop a bond or community of faith with our fellow Vincentians.


The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is a fellowship of parishioners growing spiritually together through the work of financially helping our neighbors with their basic needs.

In Conclusion:

May we say that Christ has just knocked at your door.

Contact Information:

Officers: Sue Stewart; Denise Quartararo; Mike Wakefield
If you are interested in joining our ministry and serving our neighbors in need please leave an email expressing interest at and Sue or Denise will contact you.